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Middle Grove NY, Timber Frame Home With Custom Forged Wrought Iron Style Railings.

This homeowner was a return customer.  The same couple that built a beautiful timber-frame home, added a front porch and wanted custom traditional wrought iron style railings.  They called Round Lake Forge and we were happy to help.  They had two design requests: 1. Incorporate a touch of the Saratoga Race Course style. Which can be seen in the metal horse head end post. 2. Match the elements of the railings to a wrought iron style chandelier on their porch.  This is reflected in the forked pieces that encompass the baskets. 

The homeowners were thrilled with the results.

Saratoga Springs NY, Downtown Home with Custom Hand Forged Wrought Iron Style Railings.

The two homeowners bought this house as an investment property.  They had spent all of their time and money to convert a house that was nothing more than studs when they bought it to a beautiful one bedroom rental located just a five minute walk from the track and downtown.  When they got in touch with me they weren't sure what they wanted but they knew the railings had to work with a curved staircase.  When we settled on a design not only were we their top choice, the only contractor offering wrought iron style, but when we told them the price we also came in the lowest.  

Round Lake NY, Commemorative Sculpture.

When we were just starting out when we were approached by the village of Round Lake with an incredible opportunity.  The Fisher Norris Pipe organ located in the Round Lake auditorium was being named a historical landmark, and the village wanted more than just a post to hold the plaque.  Using their input we designed and built a 14 ft tall sculpture which was assembled using many traditional blacksmithing techniques.  Even with the very tight timeline we completed the project in time for the unveiling.

Sacandaga Lake NY, Vulcan Professional Series Railings.

These railings were for a picturesque home perched on the edge of the Great Sacandaga Lake. Unlike most companies, Round Lake Forge is able to fabricate and install these railings in large continuous pieces.  Minimizing the number of joints helps reduce cost, while allowing for fewer view obstructions to the lake.  At Round Lake Forge we are able to fabricate railings in sections up to 20 ft long without incurring additional costs.

Middle Grove NY, Timber Frame Home With Vulcan Professional Series Railings.

This homeowner was in the process of building their dream home in upstate NY.  They had designed an open concept timber-frame floor plan and were seeking railings for their home.  They desired railings that kept their open concept design and complimented the exposed traditional wood beams.  They came to Round Lake Forge with their ideas and we were able to make their vision a reality, while staying within their budget and at less than half the price of wire railing competitors.  

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